First time…

Everybody’s blogging… so am I.

The purpose of this blog is mostly personal. It is just nice to have some kind of channel for thoughts on stuff. I have no clue on where this is going, think of it as sketching for the soul or something…

I just got myself I new summer job. Bought a Molskine sketchbook and this summer I am commited to filling the 100-pages with drawings. Qulity is no issue, quantity is what matters. I will also try to fill this page with doodle, thoughts and BS about design, life and everything.



~ by madnark on June 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “First time…”

  1. Smart post…

  2. About time! Hope your sketch book gets filled and you get inspired!

  3. Thanks! In some trouble now, pencil is dull and sharpener lost…

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