Business to buttons

Went to the Business to buttons conference on interaction design in Malmö thursday and friday this week. Had a great time. Met a lot of old friends and colleagues.

Especially enjoyed listening to Jens Jonasson of Yahoo!,
Jonas Löwgren and Dan Saffer from Adaptive Path.

Jens talked about the nuts and bolts of his work at Yahoo! It was a nice change of pace from the usual high level stuff. Too bad he had so much to say that we never got to the Design Critique part… I’ll see if I can get some more information on the topic from him some how. In the meantime, check out Scott Berkun’s Essay #23 – How to run a Design Critique.

Jonas had a nice talk on Pliability and Fluency. It is interesting to see people react to the idea of prescriptive use qualities… remember being an interaction design student and confronted with the idea in 2000, had a hard time understanding how it would influence my designs. Jonas has been pushing the same agenda for quite some time now, and it feels like the interaction design community slowly is starting to like the idea of genre specific qualities in use. I like it a lot.

Dan talked about approaching design from the aesthetics. His ideas are based on lessons from game design. (made me think back to my thesis work on game design and social interaction, you should really check out Scott McCloud’s books on understanding and reinventing comics!) Dan’s idea is that we spend too much time thinking of the mechanics of our designs when we really should think about how we want people to react to them. Aesthetics first, then Dynamics and finally the Mechnics to support the rest.

Kim Goodwin of Cooper also delivered a great talk on bringing design into the organization and design maturity of organizations. It was very reassuring to hear her thoughts. Made me want to keep pushing…

Thank you all!

~ by madnark on June 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Business to buttons”

  1. Did this actually happen?
    presentation crash

  2. I like 🙂

  3. Yes! The Brandon Schaur incident is really true. The conference had its fair share of Human-Computer-Infractions…

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